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Devotions: Friday, August 16 - Joshua 6:22-23

Friday - August 16 - Read Joshua 6:22-23 - Read the scripture passage first and then the devotion.

God has given you a duty to perform. Typically, as Christians, we refer to this as our “calling” or vocation. It is a calling to enter the battle and bring people out with us. We do this when we “go into” our homes to give grace to our spouse and children and share with them the Gospel. We do this when we “go into” our job and do our job with integrity, honesty, joy, love, gentleness, and self-control. We live out our calling when we “go into” a restaurant and treat the waitress with kindness and bless her with a generous tip even when she does not deserve it because we have been loved by God without deserving it. Where is God sending you? Who has gone called you to love and bless? “Go into” your daily life to love and serve others so that they, too, might find peace and reconciliation with God.

These daily devotions connect with the sermon from the previous Sunday. During the summer we have been in a sermon series on the Old Testament book of Joshua. Please join us for worship!

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