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Extend the Invitation of Faith in Jesus to Those You Love!

Matthew 22:4-6 New International Version (NIV)

4 “Then he sent some more servants and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’ 5 “But they paid no attention and went off—one to his field, another to his business. 6 The rest seized his servants, mistreated them and killed them. Tue. September 22 - Matthew 22:4-6 The rejection to the free, gracious invitation to the feast of the King’s son happens in different ways. Some people simply ignore it. They just don’t care that they have been invited. “Thanks,” they say, “but no thanks.” Others are hostile. They not only reject the free invitation, but they “shoot the messenger.” Everyone reacts differently to the invitation to have faith in Jesus. Some think Jesus is a nice teacher and like his ideas on love and sacrifice, but they don’t place their faith in him. Others are hostile to Jesus and try to destroy the faith that others might have, essentially killing them in their relationship with God. It is helpful for us Christians to know that these are common reactions today that have always been common reactions. Yet, we still have an incredible invitation to share with all people! So, let us forgive and love as we extend the invitation of faith in Jesus to those in our lives.

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