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Hope is Only in the Cross and Empty Tomb!

2 Kings 5:5-7 New International Version

5 “By all means, go,” the king of Aram replied. “I will send a letter to the king of Israel.” So Naaman left, taking with him ten talents[a] of silver, six thousand shekels[b] of gold and ten sets of clothing. 6 The letter that he took to the king of Israel read: “With this letter I am sending my servant Naaman to you so that you may cure him of his leprosy.” 7 As soon as the king of Israel read the letter, he tore his robes and said, “Am I God? Can I kill and bring back to life? Why does this fellow send someone to me to be cured of his leprosy? See how he is trying to pick a quarrel with me!”

Tuesday - August 3

Syria was a big, powerful nation. Israel was a much smaller, weaker nation. The king of Israel was afraid that the king of Syria was trying to “pick a fight.” While that is interesting, think about Naaman and the king of Syria. Of course you would go to a palace first to look for the person who apparently has the magical ability to heal diseases! Wouldn’t someone with that kind of healing power have a position of prestige and honor in his nation? But not in Israel. While God does use powerful people in positions of power, that is not the place where God’s ultimate salvation, healing, and new life is found. God’s power is found on a cross and an empty tomb. Where do you look for peace? What have you placed your hope in? In the cross of Jesus or someone or something with a position of power in this world?

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