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Bible Study

Pastor Matt's Weekly Bible Study meets at

10 am on Thursday mornings.

You can find some past sessions on our church YouTube channel found here:

Below are some other excellent online options to continue to grow in faith and understanding of the Word of God.

The Bible Project has great videos that give overviews of the books of the Bible and different topics.  Videos are usually 5-10 minutes long and have great illustrations and animations.

"1517: Christ For You" is a Lutheran organization that desires to produce high quality learning opportunities for the church.  These "academy" courses have high quality content with videos and other resources.  Don't worry, though, these are not graduate classes.  They are for everyone!

The Gospel Coalition is an Evangelical organization that provides articles, blogs, book reviews, videos and Bible studies on a wide range of topics.

Here is a good learning opportunity that focuses on The Life of Christ:

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