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Our Faith is in Jesus!

New International Version (NIV) Matthew 18:11 Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." Tue. August 4 - Matthew 18:11 If you cannot find this verse in your Bible look up Luke 19:10. Which leads to an important note about our Christian faith. The Bible is an incredible “book” filled with lots of smaller books and letters written by dozens of authors, but what makes the Bible authoritative is not that it was written by perfect people or perfectly copied throughout history. No, the Christian Bible is authoritative because it witnesses to Jesus. Along the way, some things probably got added, such as Matthew 18:11. But that is ok to admit and wrestle with. Amazingly, despite those small additions or changes that occurred as scribes made copies of the original Biblical writings and then made copies of copies all throughout history, the reality is that very little was actually added or changed! And even this verse appears in another Gospel, so we can know that it was not simply “made up.” Ultimately, we do not place our faith in a perfectly copied manuscript of the Bible. Our faith is in Jesus, the one whom the Bible points to, reveals, tells us about and is centered on.

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